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Surround yourself with natural beauty, take relaxing walks along the beach, read a book, refresh and rejuvenate. Enjoy your vacation with the warm hospitality of the locals and discover more about the rich culture of Kefalonia.

Few islands are as inviting as Kefalonia, a sand-fringed escape with endless kilometers of pristine beaches. The island is alive with exotic beauty, glorious beaches, spectacular trails, and quaint fishing villages. You could happily spend your days in the island with its neoclassical architecture and laid-back atmosphere. Or venture out on a day trip to experience Kefalonia at its wildest and most wonderful, where you’ll find mysterious ruins, hidden caves, pristine sea sides, serene traditional villages and the world’s best beach, before returning to the luxury of our luxury boutique hotel.

Nestled within the lush landscape of Mousata Village, Celestial Hotel is an oasis of design, personalized service, and modern amenities for well-seasoned adventurers and discerning travelers.

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